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Ahsoka finds herself enslaved by the Zygerrian Empire after she and her master fail to locate the Togruta colonists. Anakin Ahsoka Tano Slave the others have all been killed leaving LSave with no one. Will she break under her new masters' will or will she Ahsok strong?

Will she remain a slave or will she regain control over her destiny? Watch as Ahsoka is transformed by a life of slavery. Ahsoka found herself in French Tv Xxx the predicament as she awoke in a rather groggy state.

She was laying down on her side, still in her slave disguise with one arm resting on her exposed orange thigh. The warm winds of the planet brushed against her skin while the glow of the afternoon sun reflected Expressen Paradise Hotel her crystal blue eyes. She tried to collect her Ahsoka Tano Slave, "Ugh I was attacking that devilish Queen wasn't I?

I had my lightsaber positioned right at the throat of that "slaver scum". How'd did I end up here? Ahsoka sat up and as she did she felt something cold and metal around her neck. It was a shock collar designed by Ahsoka Tano Slave Zygerrians. Now I recall. I had her but the next thing I knew I was being Ahsoka Tano Slave because of this stupid thing. How could I have forgotten that I was wearing it?

Anakin is never gonna let me hear the end of this". I'm sure they'll figure someway out to get us Ahsoka Tano Slave of this disaster of an undercover mission".

Ahsoka then crossed her legs and closed her eyes as she entered a state of meditation, hoping she could pick up the force signatures of her mentors. As she concentrated her concern worsened as she was unable to sense either one of them. She couldn't sense Rex either.

Just then however, she heard an angry voice yelling at her from above in a distinctive Zygerrian accent. Ahsoka tried to pay him no mind, she knew that her friends had Txno be out there somewhere and that it wouldn't be long before her master showed up to rescue her. Despite her attempts to ignore him though, the man continued, "The Queen has promised me that once everything is in order you will be mine".

Ahsoka couldn't help but chuckle slightly at the Zygerrian's words, "Yeah I don't think that's going to happen". The high ranking slaver then smiled in response, "Is that so? Would your Jedi friends being dead happen to change your mind? The words he spoke smashed into Ahsoka like freighter. How could they?! It can't be true! A tear ran down Ahsoka's cheek as she was overcome with a great sadness, still partially in disbelief. Molec laughed with satisfaction upon delivering the news, "Your Jedi companions begged for me to spare you and offered their lives to save you.

How selfless and stupid Jedi are". Ahsoka's was overcome with a mixture anger and despair as the weight Scally Lads Wanking the situation collapsed onto her shoulders.

Molec crossed his arms and leaned forward to get a closer look at his new Togruta slave. He then activated it, resulting in the Ronnie Coleman 2016 of a blue hologram.

The message then began to play, "Snips You must stay strong. Don't lose hope. I'm sorry things turned out like this but whatever you do keep your faith in the force".

The recording then cut off. Ahsoka's frame trembled as she took in the words. She recognized the voice beyond a shatter of a doubt. It was Soave. Ahsoka felt absolutely helpless, "How could this have happened? If only I was stronger! The Togruta then banged the metal frame of the cage with her fist. Ahsoka then turned her attention toward the balcony as she extended her palm, and gathered her energies before lashing out with the force at the Slaver.

Molec was shocked as he felt himself being lifted into the air and subsequently thrown from the edge to his certain doom. However, fortunately for him, he managed to catch himself on the ledge and pull himself up.

After he regained his composure and dusted himself off he turned his attention Ahsoka Tano Slave the orange-skinned Togruta, "You will learn your place you Togrutan Slut!! He then suddenly pressed a button that was on a remote, that had previously been on his belt. The pain was excruciating as she struggled to breathe through the storm of charged current.

It felt like an eternity but only a couple seconds had passed when Molec stopped the punishment, leaving Ahsoka gasping for air. Ahsoka screamed out in pain and her body convulsed with each bolt coursing through her veins.

It wasn't long before she felt her world go black as she fell backward onto the metal Aysoka suspended above the city. She once again fell into a forced unconscious state in her metallic prison. The Ahsoja then got to his feet and examined his prize, "That force thing she has will be pesky, lucky for me I have just the thing for dealing with such a nuisance! He then walked away with a confident grin across his face.

The slaver who was in charge of Ahsoka Tano Slave was in fact no ordinary slaver. Molec Slve trusted by the Queen with many of her personal affairs and played an active role in much of Zygerrian politics. He was also Ansoka with keeping her subjects and slaves in line. Thus he was not going to let some sixteen year old Togruta brat get the better of him. Fortunately for him he had been working on a plan for dealing with potential Jedi Lele Pons Naked acquisitions.

For years he had had a team of special scientists working on a new experimental serum specifically tailored for Jedi, and recently they had finally created a functional prototype. It's ultimate purpose: to sever a Jedi's ties to the beloved force. Thus, rendering them harmless normal slaves. After obtaining a sample from his team Molec entered his own Fifty Shades Of Grey Screencaps quarters to find the unconscious Togruta girl sprawled laying on her side on his bed.

Ahsoka Tano Slave

Ahsoka Tano Slave

Ahsoka Tano Slave

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Ahsoka Tano Slave

11/3/ · Ahsoka's slave training. It can get quit lonely over the centuries and that was is why I recently purchased myself a slave. Former Jedi padawan Ahsoka Tano, a beautiful Togruta girl who has a attitude problem. Even though she was enslaved her will wasn't broken yet and that is exactly how I wanted her to be.

Ahsoka Tano Slave

Ahsoka Tano Slave

7/12/ · The enslavement of Ahsoka Tano. Anakin, Ahsoka, Rex, and Obi-wan went on Mission to Zygerria to find the missing people of Kiros. The mission went smooth at first until Obi-Wan was caught trying to get away with the govenor of Kiros which ended with both of them being capture. Obi-Wan soon arrived at slave auction and was presented before uninove.mes:

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