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Note: this post is extremely photo heavy. Gapeman Xxx over a year ago, I did my first shoot as a spanking model.

At the time, I set goals as I often do for the coming year. I tend to set my goals fairly high, and so I thought that a good point to strive towards would be working with ten sites or projects in my first year as a spanking model. It was only less than a year before then that I had started going to munches and meeting people, instead of just interacting with SF, like I had done for the first many years of my spanking experience. That was an awesome shoot: I got to meet Lily, Robert and another friend of theirs, and we forged friendships that are still strong and vibrant today.

The videos that we filmed then are also available on my store. This is one of the only videos that includes me in the Studuos, which is still pretty much my natural Assume The Position Studios My third shoot was very exciting: I Assyme with Spanking Courtand once again, I met people who I continue to consider my very close friends.

This particular shoot was exciting because I had a full size paddle broken on my butt for the first time. This shoot was the first time that Scat Mistress shot for a larger production company, and it was very exciting indeed.

The video seems to be pretty popular, and it was released on VOD in addition to on the Spanking Court site. I really enjoyed Chelsea, and I love long spankings.

This was also released on DVD. After this, I did another shoot with Lily Starr. This time, it was just the two of us, and we had lots of fun being girly and silly during the shoot. But we ended things with a wet bottomed, fully nude bathbrush spanking which brought me to tears:. I did a second series with Assume the Position: this time, I got to hang out with fellow model Christy Cutie and along with photodave, we shot a fun set of videos called The Spanking Games.

We did several sets with looks that worked really well for me, and the story was perfectly suited for my personality. And, I got to be the last woman to spank Clare on camera! I also shot Assume The Position Studios Lily and Robert again. This time, we did one cute, story based video a discipline video with me and Robert which ended up being very severe and popular indeed. I love this angle Yeah, that bruised. This was just an amazing shoot.

I had the honor of shooting with Pandora Blake for Dreams of Spanking. Those are good words for it. We had a freaking blast with those clips, and they included me as a school girl getting into trouble as usual, Assume The Position Studios getting naked and Assume The Position Studios myself in front Studjos the window and me making out with Ten. Not a bad mix, if you ask me.

I also shot several new videos with Lily Starr yeah, we did work in addition to eating sushi. Hard to believe, right? This time, I topped her for the first time, which was very exciting for me. The video in which I top her Jps Malmö includes us kissing.

Hot stuff. Naked, sunburned, crying Alex the bottom! My next set of shoots was with Firm Discipline in Texas. We did a boatload of videos together while I was there, including some pretty epic moments, like me, debs and Mila Kohl all getting spanked a row and me throwing debs and Heather Green into the pool. Toppy Alex pwning debs I felt that. Still remarkable. Tidningsmodell shoot brought me my very first galleries of free spanking photos, which is pretty cool, and therefore, lots of people have been posting about it.

Domestic Spanking Blog did a write up that featured similar mouth soaping Big Dildo Anal Fuck. Again, I guess people like it! Spank Badass had a couple of posts about me, as well. They posted this photo of me and Clare, which seems to be pretty popular.

Femdom Destiny features photos from another hTe that we did that day. I had reason to be worried! Assmue OTK Spanking Blog wrote about another set that I did— one that I particularly liked because it involved pajamas which are simply the coziest thing to be spanked while wearing. With good reason! Finally, my friend over at The Spanking Resource has a piece about the Spankingtube Crazy Toons of my Assume The Position Studios video with Lily Starr Spanking.

Psoition really appreciate the attention! I Assume The Position Studios you guys are as excited as I Namethatporn about all the new content! Sounds like a plan to me! The night after I shot with Clare Fonda, I hung out with a vanilla friend who is very dear to me.

I mentioned her once before I moved: she used my computer and discovered that I was a spanko, and responded to it by giving me a little gift basket with a hairbrush, a mini-first aid kit and a thing of lotion. The next morning, Christy Cutie came and picked me up and we drove to Santa Ana, which, it turns out, Assume The Position Studios essentially Mexico except in Orange County.

There, we met up with her daddy, Photodave of Assume the Position Studios, with whom I did my Sofia Carson Gallery ever spanking shoot.

It was my first time doing a video along with another bottom, and I really like Christy. Fan fiction got me through a lot of dark and lonely times! Photodave also bought us cakepops, which was my first cakepop experience and it kind Tasha Reign made my life. So we did a few quick and straight forward ties and Dave Positipn some pretty awesome photos. Their housing situation is pretty full of win: Epipelagic is married to Rubashov and Charlie Frown is her boyfriend and the three of Assume The Position Studios live together in Ariana Grande Nude Pics awesome, poly environment.

She always Pksition genuine happiness for the things that make her friends and loved ones happy, even if they are in some ways to her personal detriment. The time I spent with her reinforced that a lot. Epipelagic and Rubashov have a cat who is really shy and cute. I do not promise that I will post again tomorrow. I probably will, though. The plot centers around me as a college student protesting for animal rights. In the first segment, I brought myself to the Assums because I was worried that I was going to cross the line.

In the third clip, I got out of hand and crossed the line and got myself in a boatload of Bts Logo Vector. This third segment, where I get a very hard, stroke paddling, is now available on Spanking Court.

It just makes me feel weird. This is a pretty intense video, too. It made me want to hug myself to watch it again. Have fun watching me cry and stuff, and be sure to check out the sites from which they originate!

I missed a couple Assume The Position Studios posts already! Then Tuesday brought a Assume The Position Studios from a favorite play partner and by Assume The Position Studios time Assune was settling in for the evening, I entirely forgot my self-created responsibilities.

Tisk, tisk! Either way, it made me happy! We walked over to the studio after chatting a bit and going over paperwork and then Ban And Elaine going through my wardrobe. We ended up selecting a pair of panties and some knee socks for a few cute, Eritrean Comedy Suzinino, pre-spanking photos.

After that, I changed into a school girl dress and we got ready to do the scene. What did not require acting, though, were my cries and squeals: the scene begins with me OTK my favorite place to be! My tears are never a sign of true distress, and I love sharing them. I was extremely excited that two photos one posted by Dave and one Aesume me from this scene made Kinky and Popular on fetlife.

I was especially pleased that the photo depicting my tears Stduios the fact that I cry frequently is still an area where I expect or fear that I will receive judgement, so it was really positive for me to be able to share that and get such a good response.

I look forward to shooting Xnxxn Assume The Position Studios again in the future: I felt extremely at-ease when on set, and the spanking was blissfully painful. It left me sore for several days, especially on my Aswume. Additionally, after the shoot Spy Cam Sex went to eat at a Ramen shop and it was for the win.

Delicious food eaten while sitting gingerly is always a good thing! Keep your eyes peeled! Please feel free to email me at alexinspankingland gmail. I try to respond to everyone who writes to me, and I vastly appreciate feedback!

Never Miss A Post! Enter your email address below to subscribe to my blog and receive an email of Tne post! Email Address. Assume The Position Studios. Spanking Modeling: A Year in Review. Published September 21, OPsition see this photo lots of Assume The Position Studios online without me being credited. Spanked again!

Assume The Position Studios

Assume The Position Studios

Note: this post is extremely photo heavy. Just over a year ago, I did my first shoot as a spanking model.

Assume The Position Studios

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Assume The Position Studios

Assume The Position Studios

Assume The Position Studios

Assume The Position Studios

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